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Annual Conferences

Transforming your beauty and barber school programs with our MOMENTUM and TRACTION annual Conferences. Where strategic planning, innovative growth strategies, and unparalleled industry education drive your school and student success.

"Elevate Your School to Unprecedented Heights at the Traction and Momentum Conferences!"

"Two Unique Conferences, One Singular Mission—Transforming Beauty and Barber Schools into Prosperous Educational Institutions."

Are you settling for "good enough" when "outstanding" is within reach? Step into a new realm of possibilities at our annual Traction and Momentum Conferences—a game-changing experience you can't afford to miss. Every attendee leaves not just enlightened but equipped—with actionable strategies that have proven to drive real-world results. Whether you're a seasoned school owner or an emerging leader, this is your golden ticket to unparalleled growth and operational excellence.

What Is Traction?

Specifically designed for your entire school team. Traction uses team strategies inclusive of each functional area to build a cohesive “Student Growth Plan (SGP)”. It’s your teams foundational launchpad, setting the stage for sustainable and scalable growth through synergistic integration and collaboration.

Traction Experience
Traction Testimonials
Early Bird Registration opens on November 19, 2024. 
What is Momentum?

Specifically designed for the key operational leadership team members and or owners. Momentum is the next-level Strategic Leadership event that sets the high level strategic growth plans and forecast for their school in the areas of Admissions, Marketing and Academics. 

Momentum Experience
Momentum Testimonials
Early Bird Registration Is Now Open!
Conference Dates: November 16-18, 2024
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